Recently Added Restaurants in South Dallas

Trucker’s Cafe

The Market at Bonton Farms

Get a latte and a pecan sticky bun in the coffee shop, or a buttermilk-battered fried green tomato sandwich and a scoop of honey butter ice cream in the cafe, and then take a seat amid the artichokes and herbs…

Las Almas Rotas

This bar, located in Expo Park, boasts a seriously impressive selection of agave-based spirits. The self-proclaimed “shrine to the spirits of Mexico,” offers a variety of mezcal, sotol, bacanora, raicikka, and tequila. The space is funky, warm, and alluring. Belly…

Rudy’s Chicken

Diehard fans of Rudy’s Chicken will argue that this is the best place to get fried chicken, and they might be right.

CT’s Real Deal Bar B Que

CT’s inherited the custom wood-burning pit from the now-defunct Hardeman’s Barbecue. In addition to smoked meat items, CT’s offers many soul food standards. This not only provides options for non-‘cue eaters (gasp), but also allows smoked meat fans to break…

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