Recently Added Restaurants in Carrollton

Arirang Korean Kitchen

This super-traditional Car- rollton spot specializes in dumplings, noodles, and soups that contain both dumplings and noodles. Plump kimchi dumplings and wonton-filled soups are just two of our favorites. Note that some maps apps may use its Korean name, Um…

Wicked Snow

Here you’ll find bingsu, a popular South Korean milk-based dessert that consists of shaved ice with toppings like fruit, red beans, syrup, and condensed milk. And you’ll see they have plenty of it. 

Rice Chicken

At the first U.S. locations of this trendy Korean chain, you can stick to one part (wings, breast nuggets, drumsticks) or order a mix by the half or whole bird. For a healthier option, the oven-roasted chicken comes two ways,…


Kwality Ice Cream

Kwality ice cream parlors in Irving and Richardson serve flavors such as saffron (kesari) and the rose-petal dessert pan and is a bustling scene on a Saturday night.

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Recently Added Shops in Carrollton

In Bloom Flowers

Boardwalk Games

Blooms Candy & Soda Pop Shop

Within a mile of this shop, there are 12 dentists. You may need them all. Blooms is stocked wall-to-wall with candy, soda, and other confections, waiting to climb into your molars. Looking for a candy from your childhood? How about…

Dead Wax Records

Are there bigger, flashier stores than Dead Wax? Definitely. A shop closer to Dallas proper? Sure. But there’s something about this Carrollton spot that’s the perfect mix of friendly geekiness. You’ll want to keep the goldmine a secret, but you’ll…

Bicycle Exchange

Vist this Carollton cycle shop to purchase the big stuff like Raleigh, Schwinn, and Mongoose bicycles, and the small stuff, like all the spandex accessories necessary for a smooth ride. Staffers will also help customize your favorite bike and help…

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