Recently Added Restaurants in Frisco

The Aussie Grind

Jonny’s Pizza


Nothing about the suburban strip mall location suggests Baonecci could be an outstanding Italian joint, but for years it was considered one of the best in San Francisco. Then owners Stefania and Walter Gambaccini moved to Frisco. Now we’re enjoying…

Highland Noodles

All manner of Chinese noodle dishes are stars here, from liangpi (a cold noodle appetizer) to Lanzhou-style beef noodle soup. The noodles, made from scratch and pulled by hand, live up to the hype. Sides include a pickled cabbage salad…

Taco Ocho

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Recently Added Shops in Frisco

UPick Mobile Oil

Eden Lifestyle Boutique

Detour Doughnuts and Coffee

Doc’s Comics & Games

India Bazaar

Savory snack mixes, like spiced banana chips, cashews rolled in black pepper, crunchy roasted chickpeas or mung beans, fried knots of dough, and the loose, spicy-crunchy blend simply known as “hot mix,” are all part of the vast Indian snack…

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