Recently Added Restaurants in Richardson

Bella Flan

Taco Ocho

Yummy Burgers & BBQ

The burgers at this local mini-chain are solid, and the fries are exceptional. You can skip the barbecue, which is baked rather than smoked, then slathered in sauce.

One Hummus

One Hummus prides itself on its namesake dish, which is served fresh and emphasizes the chickpeas rather than the garlic. If you prefer a more garlicky dip, head elsewhere, but if you just want to dunk a whole lot of…

Beba BBQ

Some of the best kebabs in the Dallas area are at Beba BBQ, where the grilled meat arrives tender and bursting with flavor. Some marinades get spicy, and the footlong dangal kebab is one of the biggest pieces of meat…

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Recently Added Shops in Richardson

Asel Art Supply

Breakthrough Golf Technology

India Bazaar

Savory snack mixes, like spiced banana chips, cashews rolled in black pepper, crunchy roasted chickpeas or mung beans, fried knots of dough, and the loose, spicy-crunchy blend simply known as “hot mix,” are all part of the vast Indian snack…

Meat Maniac

Richardson Mercantile

Storage Wars star Jenny Grumbles’ refurbished pieces and country-chic accessories have found a home at the Richardson Mercantile. Elke Nutterfield, who also manages the sister location in Frisco, leads the charge of finding unique vendors to create a not-your-typical-antique-mall vibe.…

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