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Gilgamesh Restaurant

If Bilad represents a great Iraqi sandwich shop and bakery, Gilgamesh is a fuller sit-down experience. Every meal starts with a divine cup of lentil soup, and proceeds to outstanding examples of lamb kebabs, rice pilafs, and grilled fish. 300…

Bilad Bakery and Restaurant

This Iraqi-American institution serves fresh-baked breads and groceries. But if you need a quick meal, you can also order the best shawarma sandwich in North Texas. Side salads are scrumptious, too, and the catering business is reliably good. If desserts…

Bella Flan

Bella Flan is a Cuban Bakery with modern twists and Asian influences. They specialize in desserts such as flan and flan cakes as well classic Cuban staples such as Cuban sandwiches, Frita Burgers and dishes such as Ropa Vieja. While…

Taco Ocho

Yummy Burgers & BBQ

The burgers at this local mini-chain are solid, and the fries are exceptional. You can skip the barbecue, which is baked rather than smoked, then slathered in sauce.

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Recently Added Shops in Richardson

Malani Jewelers

In the realm of fine jewelry, few names carry the weight of reputation, craftsmanship, and excellence as Malani Jewelers. With a legacy spanning decades, this distinguished jewelry brand has become synonymous with luxury, authenticity, and the celebration of life’s most…

Asel Art Supply

Breakthrough Golf Technology

India Bazaar

Savory snack mixes, like spiced banana chips, cashews rolled in black pepper, crunchy roasted chickpeas or mung beans, fried knots of dough, and the loose, spicy-crunchy blend simply known as “hot mix,” are all part of the vast Indian snack…

Meat Maniac

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