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Hall’s Honey-Fried Chicken

The name of this Medical District drive-thru comes from the bronzed color of the crispy chicken—so don’t expect honey, unless you pour it on top. Do expect salty, savory, perfectly fried pieces of chicken over a bed of french fries,…


In this true-blue neighborhood restaurant, dishes take cues from parts of Texas and California as well as Southern cuisine. Here in the former Bolsa space you’ll find flavor-packed pastrami over pimento cheese, and mushroom gnocchi that’s like a vegetarian kindred…

Xamán Cafe

Both hot and iced coffee—an espresso horchata, perhaps—come in clay cantaritos, a nod to the Mexican origins and culture of coffee drinking. Come for the single-origin espresso, stay for the chilaquiles and coffee cocktails at brunch. This cafe is small…

Wayward Coffee Co.

What started as a roving van doling out to-go cups of cortados and Americanos on weekends has emerged as a winsome, plant-bedecked coffee spot where one might crack open a book—or a magazine!—and chill for a while.

Hardeman’s BBQ

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Good Cycle

Twelve Thirty Four

Rare Heart Vintage


Picolé, Bishop Arts’ Brazilian paleta spot, offers three types of paletas (fruity, creamy, filled). You’ll find fruity flavors like kiwi, guava, and vampy-purple acaí. But the signature is dipped, topped, and filled. Encrust the strawberry-cheesecake paleta with dark chocolate and…

All Good Things Paper

Some kids play with Barbies or Legos, but growing up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Kristen Miller played with paper. “I used to tear up construction paper and make my own little cards,” Miller says. “It was so dorky, but I’ve always…

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