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Lilco Letterpress

Lilco Letterpress



Lily Smith-Kirkley isn’t just the brains behind Lilco Letterpress, a new design and print studio in West Dallas. She’s also the brawn, hand-feeding paper through her 700-pound Vandercook SP-15 letterpress machine, sometimes two or three times to achieve a multi-color, multi-dimensional look. But the end results are worth the effort: Smith-Kirkley’s line of cards are charming and unpretentious. (Why say äóìthanksäó or äóìhappy birthdayäó when you could say äóìgraciasäó or äóìyou ain’t no spring chickenäó instead?) If you’re looking for something personalized, she can work with you to design custom stationery, invitations, and the like of any scope or budget. In need of a gift? Smith-Kirkley also produces prints and tea towels with the same aesthetic and sense of humor.

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