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Hush Hush Tan

Dallas Hush Hush Tan is only the company’s sencond (the first is on Austin’s 6th Street), and we’re lucky to have it. The unique concept helps bridge the gap between the tanning bed-filled chains and the expensive spa airbrushing. (Even Vogue had nice things to say about it.) Plus, with neighbors that include DryBar and Blushington, the incoming SMU freshmen have never had it so easy. 

The Lodge Gentlemen’s Barber Shop

The Lodge Barbershop

Koneko Studio

Koneko is the aesthetic opposite of what you might picture when you think of a tattoo shop. The window-lined studio has been completely painted white and is filled with house plants, tufted velvet sofas, high-end lifestyle products, and an incredibly chill French Bulldog named Ralph. Koneko’s roster includes five highly-trained artists, each specializing in microblading, eyelash extensions, cosmetic tattoos, or piercings. Owner Linda Bishop is the only tattoo artist, and clients fly in from Europe, Canada, and beyond to score one of her unique black designs.

Muse Wax Studio

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