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MarRosso Cafe

Kevin Marple

MarRosso Cafe



Eritrea is a small country in East Africa, between Sudan and Ethiopia. It is where Mussie Tecleyessuse hails from, and why he named his first restaurant MarRosso, meaning Red Sea. Come to this quiet cafe in North Dallas for breakfast and order cinnamon tea and the combo, which is like chilaquiles with an African twist. Main dishes include stewed meats and vegetables on injera, the spongy, gluten-free bread made from teff. Because portions of Eritrea were occupied by Italy for some of the last century, you’ll also find panini, pasta, and breaded cutlets on the menu, as well as a case of house-made desserts. The boxegna, a cream puff with a delicate coat of chocolate, makes for an airy ending.

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