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Yorktown Education

Lisa Means

Yorktown Education

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Yorktown believes in a better approach to your child’s life. Yorktown is dramatically different. And students here excel at a dramatically different level. At Yorktown, teachers and staff believe that nothing motivates young minds more than discovering what inspires them. And nothing fosters advancement and personal satisfaction in students more than encouraging them to progress at a speed that stretches their capabilities—academically, socially, and personally—instead of by age or by grade. The results of this dramatically different learning environment is higher achievement, naturally. And kids who experience achievement are happier at school and at home.

Yorktown wants your child to have a fulfilling and inspired life, thus the dramatically different approach to education. And it’s working because students are excelling at levels that traditional schools simply cannot deliver. Yorktown’s education model is student centered, which means each individual student progresses according to his or her own accomplishments. From the development of a custom curriculum to the integration of personal interests and a flexible cohort-based environment, every detail is designed for students to discover and do what they love.

Yorktown embraces differences locally and globally, and encourages students to work together instead of ranking them against one another—a tribe mentality that has proven positive results. From laboratory configurations to the design of the classroom’s chairs, every detail facilitates flexible learning. It allows students to move, to discover and adapt their surroundings to fit their needs and their unique learning style. Yorktown addresses the whole child, meeting them where they are and encouraging advancement based on personal achievement. This unique education strategy takes average students and delivers gifted results. Test scores improve. And every child has passed college courses by graduation. More importantly, each student leaves Yorktown with a honed work ethic and a problem-solving mindset that equips them to live life to their fullest potential.

Come see how the Yorktown approach can help your child learn what inspires them in life and see beyond school.

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