HCG Gallery



Opened in 2008, the HCG Gallery is a relatively new addition to the Dragon Street art gallery scene. Like most galleries, it is simple and utilitarian on the inside, with charcoal-colored floors and thick white walls that provide a clean backdrop for the art on display. Owner Kirk Hopper, who’s also behind Elm Street’s Kettle Art Gallery with business partner Frank Campagna, started HCG as a forum to display pieces that were different from the vibe of his Deep Ellum showroom. “HCG is a whole other style of art,” says gallery director Kayla Brown.

An ever-rotating series of exhibits usually change out every month or so; most of the art comes from a collection of pieces from the nearly two dozen artists the gallery represents. HCG has an emphasis on Texas art, but a number of its artists are based out of state as well. Past exhibits at the gallery have included “Command, Shift, Tab, Return, Delete,” a compilation of works from artists Gary Bishop, Roberta Harris, Yui Kugimiya, and George Schroeder. Mediums included photography, abstract painting, paper collages, and twisting steel sculptures.