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Jubilee Theatre

Buddy Myers.

Jubilee Theatre



Like many young arts organizations, the Jubilee Theatre struggled to find its feet at first. Founded in 1981 by Rudy and Marian Eastman, this nonprofit group dedicated to African-American theater quickly became known as a “gypsy theater,” roaming from one venue to the next and performing whenever and wherever possible. But after more than five nomadic years, Jubilee secured the funds for its first permanent home in 1986. They moved again in 1992, this time into a renovated theater in Sundance Square. And that’s where they’ve been for nearly two decades, organizing plays, parties, auctions, and countless other events in celebration of African-American culture.

By performing works ranging from Shakespeare’s The Tempest to Judi Ann Mason’s Livin’ Fat, the Jubilee hopes to attract a multicultural audience.

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