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Linda Blase courtesy of Cara Mia

Cara Mía Theatre Co.



  • Best of Big D: Best Theater ( 2018 )


When it started in 1996, the Cara Mía Theatre Co. became the first theater group in Dallas to focus its content on the Chicano experience in America. In the years since, this nonprofit organization has expanded its range to include all Latinos, spreading Chicano and Latino culture throughout city by performing plays from prominent authors such as Sondra Cisneros, Cherrie Moraga, and Jimmy Santiago Baca, as well as original works by the Cara Mia ensemble and other Dallas writers.

Among the productions Cara Mía has staged is Crystal City 1969, detailing the mass walkout that occurred in Crystal City, Texas, as a means to get the Mexican-American population, which made up 85 percent of the town, proper representation in local government. Aside from stage productions, Cara Mía has organized lectures and symposia featuring respected members of the Latino community, as well as the only lowrider show at the Latino Cultural Center, known as El Chuco y La Che.

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