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Bang Dang and Rizi Faruqui joined forces in 2011 to combine their more than three decades of architecture and design experience to form
F A R + D A N G, a multidisciplinary design office engaged in the complexities and multiplicities of contemporary life. They transform intangible ideas into spatial realities and physical form, and are continually fine-tuning their process and technique to progress their work, which can be found in homes and structures throughout Dallas, the Texas Hill Country, and New Mexico.

“We look at everything with a design-oriented mindset,” Faruqui says. “The entire breadth of process is important to us, and we are involved from concept through the end of construction. This is something we hold critical.” Dang and Faruqui are quick to point out they don’t special
ize in anything except not specializing. “We keep evolving and staying open to ideas,” Faruqui says. “We take on a variety of projects and aren’t fixated on our structures sharing a certain aesthetic. The tenets of modernism are our guiding principles, but more in terms of the way it affects the space and architecture than the way something looks. We are very process driven and strive for our projects to have a lasting quality and a sense of timelessness. We are happy when we achieve the goals and expectations of our clients and create something unique and exceptional.”

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