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Shell Stegall

Shell Stegall
D Best
5600 W. Lovers Ln., Ste. 224
Dallas, TX 75209 | Get Directions
214-577-7676 (phone)

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Before you make any decisions about who to employ in a real estate transaction, it’s important that you know a little bit about who I am.  My years of business experience set me apart from many of the other people claiming to be real estate experts.  Often, they are simply agents trying to get a deal done quickly to free up their time for their next deal.  I don’t work to get a deal done quickly, but rather to represent my client’s interests in a way that gets any deal done to their benefit! 

I have a unique background that combines negotiating (in a national labor union arena), natural business acumen, and home construction knowledge – coupled with a talent for recognizing properties offering strong values!  So much of this real estate terrain is filled with dangers and disappointments for the unsuspecting.  It is my goal to show you not only how this world works but also how it can work for you.  My insights, professional negotiating experience and tenacity differentiate me from most Realtors.  My work style is a consultative approach and I thoroughly enjoy working with clients when it evolves into being a collaborative effort.

When working with Buyers, beyond just covering geography, I take my clients on a comparative journey, helping them educate themselves to values and prices.  I don’t want to keep clients in the dark: an educated client is a satisfied client.  It is my privilege to lead the way.

The ying and yang of this business allows me to also work with Sellers.  I enjoy both sides of the real estate equation – and I benefit greatly from my Buying clients when I help a Seller put their unique property up for sale.  Working with both Buyers and Sellers keeps me balanced and in touch with the nuances of the market and the buying public.  And believe me……… changes are constant in our local market!  I work with Sellers to position their properties to take advantage of these nuances through staging, tailored marketing systems, and unlocking the full potential of the internet through the Sotheby’s massive worldwide presence.

I am passionate about always doing the right thing for my clients, even if it isn’t easy.  As it turns out, my clients are usually very special people – so it is easy for me to share in their real estate ambitions, work to get the results they need, and this always builds enduring and enjoyable relationships!

Contact Information:

Shell Stegall, Senior Vice President and Broker Associate

Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty

Email:  [email protected]

Phone:  214-577-7676 


Shell Stegall

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