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Britt Lopez

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Think matchmaking for real estate. Britt Lopez has a knack for matching the right person with the right house. Real estate is a “people” business and Britt understands that not only do you need to enjoy people but you also have to understand them and their particular place in life. They need guidance, especially when it’s their first real estate transaction. Others are in difficult situations and need a calm presence to lead them through the process. Britt is a great listener and has an innate ability to ask the right questions. That creates clarity when it comes to selling or purchasing the right house.

“I think what sets me apart is empathy for wherever the buyer or seller is in at the moment. I also pay close attention to the economy and what’s happening in commercial development. It’s a good indicator of what’s trending in residential real estate. The real estate news on TV is general and much of it is opinion about what’s happening in our country. Real estate is local and staying focused on our local market is key.” 

“I evolve with the market and meet buyers on the platform they are most comfortable with whether it’s by phone, email or text. Understanding communication style is essential.”

Purchasing or selling a home is not always a smooth process. Real estate transactions can be stressful. They take experience, patience and the ability to problem solve. Britt has been in the business 13 years and is well known for her composure in difficult circumstances. “You cannot throw something at me that will cause alarm and there is absolutely nothing that I can’t fix. I’m not always the problem solver but I do always know who to bring in to provide the solution.” 

You’d be hard pressed to find anyone that knows East Dallas better than Britt. She’s called it home for 19 years and her four children have all attended East Dallas schools. She’s served on PTA committees for all of her kids’ schools, been involved in both the Hollywood Heights Home Tour committee and Lakewood Service League, and a member of the Lakewood Women in Business group. Her involvement in the community is unparalleled.

Britt’s depth of knowledge and experience have made her a consistent multi-million dollar producer but it’s her ability to connect with both buyers and sellers that sets her apart. “I care about my clients on a personal level and I treat them like they’re family.”

Britt Lopez

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