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Best Insurance Agents 2014

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How we did it: 

To produce the list of best insurance agents in Dallas, we began by reaching out to over 15,000 people. We mailed nomination ballots to 383 previous Best Real Estate Agent winners, more than 200 mortgage and title companies, and 5,000 D Magazine subscribers. In addition to that, we mailed ballots to 10,000 recent home buyers.

We asked recent home buyers and subscribers to evaluate one insurance professional they have worked with, based on overall satisfaction and if they’d recommend the professional to a friend. We asked real estate agents to nominate up to three professionals whom they have worked with closely. We put all that data into an algorithm placing emphasis on feedback we received from consumers, our subscribers, and the recent home buyers. We then screened each nominee with the Texas Department of Insurance database to make certain that licenses were up to date and there had been no disciplinary action. Finally, we turned the lists over to our sales team. They cannot add to or subtract from the lists, but they can sell ads to the winners. Advertising in no way affects our lists, the final makeup of which is the sole determination of the editorial staff.

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