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Robert G. McNeill, D.D.S., M.D.

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Does everyone need their wisdom teeth removed? This is a question Dr. Robert McNeill is often asked. The short answer is no. However, as a board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. McNeill sees patients routinely who are having trouble with their wisdom teeth. These problems can range from shifting teeth and cyst formation to jaw infections. The ideal time to evaluate if wisdom teeth are likely to cause problems is when the jaw has mostly finished growing around ages 15 to 18.

It is common for patients to be apprehensive about wisdom teeth removal. Dr. McNeill provides anesthesia for the procedure so patients are sleeping throughout. “Patients are often very surprised and happy when they wake up from surgery, and they do not realize we have already finished the surgery,” Dr. McNeill says. “Medications for after-care have significantly improved, and patients are sore for just a few days. We also use a special medication to help significantly reduce the risk of dry socket, which can be a common problem after tooth removal.”

Dr. McNeill says one misconception about wisdom teeth is that people should wait to have them removed until they have broken through gum tissue. Waiting can be dangerous, as the teeth could have decay and can possibly develop bends on the roots that are too close to vital structures.

As an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. McNeill treats all types of conditions with the jaw including teeth extractions, treating tumors of the jaw, and dental implants.

Dr. McNeill appreciates that most patients are very apprehensive to see oral surgeons, and he will often use his sense of humor to set patients at ease. You also may find out that he has just shaved his head to help raise funds for his favorite charity. Outside of dentistry, Dr. McNeill is very active with his wife and three sons, mission work, competing in triathlons, and Crossfit.

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